Why Choose Us

Flexible Hours + Date Night!

Enjoy flexible hours thanks to our extended schedule: M-F, 7- 5 p.m, and a “date night” when we are open until 9 p.m. one Friday a month.

Socio-emotional Smarts

Our curriculum focuses on social-emotional skills like kindness, polite manners, and consideration of others that your child will benefit from for a lifetime.

Expanding Horizons

Yoga, music, Spanish, and baby signing enrichments are extras that help develop communication and self-regulation skills.

Play Is Powerful

Children love our 10,000 square feet of dedicated playground where they’re free to run, slide, climb, and play every day, twice a day.

Expert Teachers

Knowledgeable, caring teachers give your child the extra confidence and tools to become lifelong learners and prepare your child for school.

Safety Always

Key coded & fingerprint scanner entryways along with attentive staff keep your child safe and secure at all times.

One-Of-A-Kind Curriculum

Our STEAM and pre-literacy curriculum ensures your child is kindergarten-ready with a solid knowledge base that boosts their confidence.

Balanced Nutrition

We provide healthy, tasty meals daily and Allergy-Aware menus as needed to keep your child fueled, and as one less thing for you to do.

Kindergarten Ready

Our unique "Growing Up On Our Block" curriculum puts numbers, letters, and science into action. Spanish and sign-language boost communication, and social-emotional skills and character building build positive behavior and confidence.

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4wks - 15 mths


15 - 33 mths


33 - 60 mths

Before And After School Care

5 - 8 years

Summer Program

15 mths - 8 years