Having it All

Being a parent is hard.  We all know that babies don’t come with instruction manuals and that in many ways, it does take a village to raise a child.  But being a full-time working parent is hard on a different level.  The basis of the American Dream is that we

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A Day in the life of a Preschooler

There was a time not so long ago in our country’s history when people dressed up to go to the movies.  Or to the drug store. Or to the post-office for that matter.  No one ever considered walking into a church without a proper hat and lacy gloves.   Air and

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Post-Covid Preschool

Cheers to teachers wearing masks all day long in the summer heat. Cheers to teachers who are washing their, and their students’ hands 75 times a day. Cheers to those same teachers who are working tirelessly to create meaningful curriculum and experiences for children who are sitting 6 feet apart

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Social Distancing creates opportunities for growth

Being socially distant for a natural extrovert is challenging and just plain weird. The rational side of the brain understands the dynamics of transmission and realizes well that stopping contact stops the spread. Done. We don’t leave our home. The other side of my brain is left wondering where my

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Being bored is ok!

It is OK for children to be bored. I wrote that knowing full well that at the moment, I am bored. I haven’t left my house in days and I am trying to establish a routine that creates a sense of normalcy for my family. Two college kids moved home

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